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Britain is well-known for loving its food, especially its traditional British meat. One favourite British treat for meat lovers is the black pudding, which is associated with the Lancashire town of Bury and has a history dating back to the 16th Century. Nowadays, it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but there is a certain knack to getting the black pudding recipe right.

Top chefs tend to use a variation of the black pudding recipe and serve it with all kinds of food. The aim used to be to use up all parts of the animal so there is no waste, but nowadays it has become a tradition and people love it too much to stop making it – especially chefs who enjoy preparing the black pudding recipe.

One variation of the black pudding recipe includes using 960ml of pig’s blood, three chopped onions, 55g of oatmeal, some mixed herbs, pepper and prepared skins, but these are optional. Of course, there are several variations on the black pudding recipe depending on your own tastes, but this is the basic method.

The oven must be preheated to 150 degrees Celsius before starting. Then the blood should be allowed to run into the pan while it’s cold, and salt is added. Fresh blood is best used for this purpose.

The other ingredients are then mixed in and seasoned, which can then be either put into the prepared skins or put into an ovenproof dish. This step varies, as some recipes prepare the black pudding in different ways.

Depending on personal preferences, the skins or the dish can be either baked while covered, or covered and steamed in a saucepan for around the same amount of time. These different ways might vary in difficulty, and some people might prefer the way the oven bakes the black pudding.

Lastly, it is allowed to cool and is then sliced up, ready to fry as part of a traditional English breakfast, or ready to toss into a stew. It can even be eaten with a dash of vinegar on its own – how it used to be eaten traditionally.

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