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A black pudding in its simplest form is a sausage made from pig’s blood, seasonings and suet. In the UK, it is mostly associated with the town of Bury, where you can go to get a taste of the famous recipe and see for yourself what all the fuss is about from a Bury black pudding company.

The big change over the years is the way black pudding is being eaten. Most people do still enjoy it with their breakfast, but many realise the richness it brings to a dish and like it as a main course for their dinner too. The most common way is still to eat black pudding with a cooked English breakfast, as it adds just that little bit of extra excitement to beans and scrambled egg. Alternatively, it can be added to a stew to enhance the flavour, or it can even be eaten on its own.

The history of black pudding goes back quite a way, with European monks being the first to bring it to the UK. It is actually in Lancashire where it became known as black pudding, and since then it has been a favourite of meat lovers throughout the UK because of its taste and nutrition.

Since black pudding is associated with the town of Bury in Lancashire, it makes sense that a Bury black pudding company is the best place to buy it from. Bury has the best quality black puddings and is now famous all over for tasty black puddings that everyone must try.

The popularity of black pudding has increased a lot over the years, but in the past decade it has been added to the menu and the shopping list in many places, all over the UK. Although it is a traditional type of food, people of all ages enjoy black pudding, as it actually saw a particular sales boom in 2008 where demand increased by about 25%. Since then, it has received even more demand and continues to be a special dish for many.

At Albert Matthews, we started as a family run butchers business and still are, but we have also progressed over our decades of existence to providing all kinds of meat to the public. Providing Bury black pudding, our company prides itself on offering the best quality meat, using rare breed pork for our black pudding, locking in that great taste and texture.