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Bury black pudding


It is generally agreed that monks brought black pudding to England, and that during the Middle Ages it became popular throughout the country. Lancashire and Yorkshire in the north of England became the counties most associated with black pudding and, in particular, the Lancashire town of Bury.

For a long time, black pudding was only seen as an essential ingredient of the traditional English ‘fry-up’ breakfast. More recently, it has received more worthy attention and has become an ingredient in its own right. Many top chefs now use black pudding to thicken casseroles and include it in their starters as well as main courses at their high-quality restaurants.

The distinctive horseshoe-shaped Bury black pudding is a classic food identified as coming from Bury. Chadwick’s, a local black pudding maker, use a recipe going back to Joshua Thompson's 1865 recipe, and their stall on Bury market, in Greater Manchester, is a tourist attraction. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, which has been handed down through the generations and many people still swear that the only way to eat black pudding is hot from the stall.

However, if you do not live near enough to Bury to get to the market, you can have these delicious Chadwick’s Bury black puddings delivered direct to your home by ordering online from us at Albert Matthews. We are butchers based in Bury in Lancashire and offer two black pudding varieties - Chadwick’s Original Bury Black Pudding and Chadwick’s Lean Bury Black Pudding.

Chadwick’s Bury black puddings are all hand-made to their secret family recipe and they say the key to their pudding is in the seasoning they use. They recommend that you should either briefly boil the puddings, before splitting them open and covering them with mustard, or pan fry in bacon fat, if available.

On market days towards lunchtime, you will see queues of people forming at the stall to enjoy the just-cooked Bury Black Pudding – whether having a snack break from their shopping or buying some to take home and cook later.

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