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There are many different variations of the black pudding and it can be found in many towns, but nowhere is as well-known for it as the Lancashire town of Bury. In Bury, it’s usually boiled and served on its own with vinegar, and the taste is said to be something you cannot describe.

Typically, black pudding is made from pork blood mixed with oatmeal. Depending on the version, it can come with different ingredients, but the basic concept is the same. It can be eaten on its own, or cooked as part of a meal at any time of the day.

Black pudding is certainly considered a delicacy in Lancashire, particularly in Bury where it is often served in a paper wrapping. This means that the Bury black pudding is sought after by many Brits; top chefs even use it in their recipes, because it is becoming even more of a delicacy than it once was.

Since Bury has a famous market dedicated to selling the best produce and food, it makes sense that the famous Bury black pudding is also sold there. Locals and visitors can explore the market and get a taste for the best black pudding in the UK.

Bury Market black pudding is available from the fish and meat hall, dedicated to selling the best fish and meat in the area. The market is famous in its own right, but the Bury Market black pudding is a very big deal and has its fair share of mentions in the news and in recipes by top chefs.

The Bury Market attracts more than 12 million visitors every year, and it has over 60 different indoor stalls which attract lots of eager consumers.

The Bury Market is actually where we, here at Albert Matthews, chose to re-launch our original business idea of offering the best quality meat. Using our presence at the market, we allow consumers to purchase the Bury Market black pudding while keep our amazing recipes top secret. Bury black pudding can also be found online, so check it out now to see what you are missing.

The success of our company lies in our passion, providing high quality British meat that can only be considered the best. Using traditional British breeds of animals reared only on certain farms, including ones situated in Lancashire, our produce is praised by many all over the UK.