Chicken Breasts – It’s got to be skin on!

Why is it when you go to the supermarket they always sell the chicken breast skin off!!

It is obvious that a lot of people out there prefer to eat their chicken breast skinless which is fine but the skin acts as the chicken breast‘s own self contained basting unit. Whether you are roasting, grilling or pan frying the chicken breast is always better cooked with the skin on and then if you don’t like it remove it before serving. I promise you will end up with a far more moist and tasty chicken breast.

The secret to making the best burger.

louie and gennaro’s ‘ultimate’ cheeseburgers


Making the best burger comes  is all about building layers of flavour!


When it comes to the meat you need to start with the best mince which has enough fat in to make the burger flavoursome and succulent. In the trade we call it 85vl (visual lean) that is 85% lean meat to 15% fat. Most people go wrong because they use too leaner a mince which can cause the burger to be dry and flavourless. Personally I don’t like to add any other ingredients apart from salt and pepper but adding chopped onions, Worcester sauce, tomato sauce, smoked sea salt, and bread crumbs are all options.


When cooking off you can sprinkle with various seasoings and flavour shakers that can be brought from the supermarket. Most great burger restaruants have there own secret formula.


Sauces and toppings are all personnel preference but it is the bun that makes a massive difference that everyone seems to miss. My recommendation would be the brioche type bun. The buttery flavour of brioche mixes brilliantly with the succulent juices of the burger. These are not readily available but I will post a recipe for them in my recipe section.