Mexican Chicken & Bean Burritos

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Here at AM were certainly champion the finest of British produce but we also embrace the food and recipes of other cultures. Mexican in so en trend at the moment with numerous new Mexican restaurants and street food vans serving up the delicious food of this nation.

Below is our take on the Burrito, there are tons of different ways of making them, using different ingredients but they are quick to make, have great flavour and if you use yoghurt instead of sour cream, really healthy and low calorie. They are also very portable so great to take into work for a packed lunch.


I’ve used chicken below but rump steak would also but just as good.




  1. Plain Wraps -As bigger diameter as possible.
  2. 2 x Chicken breasts or Thighs, skinless, cut into strips
  3. 1 x Pepper, reen or red
  4. 1 x Red chilli sliced, add more if you like heat.
  5. 1 x Onion sliced finely
  6. 1 x Garlic clove, chopped
  7. 1 x can of mixed beans. Some supermarkets do Mexican mixed beans. Drain before using.
  8. 1 x advacado, mashed with a fork
  9. 1 x tub of sour cream or yoghurt (healthy alternative)
  10. 1 x Big bunch of coriander
  11. 1 x Fajita seasoing
  12. 1 x Mini Cob lettuce
  13. 1 x a handful of chopped baby tomatos


Burritto Mix

1. Add the chicken to a hot pan with oil in, cook for a few minutes until brown then add the pepper, garlic, onion and chilli. Cook for another few minutes.

2. Add the beans then add a good quantity of fajita seasoing. Turn the heat down a touch and stir well, keep an eye on the beans that they don’t catch. After a few minutes take of the heat. Ensure chicken strips are cooked through.


How to construct the Burrito

1. Warm your wrap up for 10-15 secs. I put the them direct on to the halogen hob.

2. Put some broken up mini cob leaves in the middle of the wrap then a few chopped baby tomatoes.

3. Add a good spoonful of your burrito mix.

4. Mash avocado with a fork and add a spoonful on top of the burrito mix.

5. Put some sour cream or yoghurt over the top.

6. Squeeze lime quarter over the top.

7. Put load of chopped coriander on the top.

8. If you want more heat a couple of drops of chilli sauce or tobasco (optional)

9. Fold both sides of the wrap in and then roll the whole thing up tight.

10. Then eat with cold beer. Awesome!! You’ll never go back to old el paso again.

11. Use again the next day cold to make another wrap. It still tastes great cold.  It will last for about 2/3days.

12. Change the beans and use cooked Mexican rice or cous cous for a different type of burrito. Variations are endless.