Bury black pudding goes gluten free

Bury black pudding is famous throughout the UK for being one of the best varieties available. Unfortunately for those who cannot eat gluten, this wonderful food hasn’t always been available to try due to its various ingredients.

However, a new Bury black pudding has been developed to cater specifically for this market, giving more people the opportunity to try the famous Lancashire sausage.

Coeliac disease is a digestive problem which affects around one in 100 people, and it means that sufferers cannot eat gluten due to the adverse reaction it causes for them. It can be difficult for some to find foods that are gluten free, but there are many brands that are developing alternatives so sufferers can have more to choose from.

The gluten free black pudding is created using normal methods, but with a slight change of ingredients. While oatmeal, wheat flour, rusk and pearl barley would normally be used, these elements have been replaced with dried potato, rice, rice flour and potato starch. It has been said that gluten free black pudding tastes just as good as the normal stuff.

In a world where there are many different dietary requirements, it can be difficult for companies to cater to more than one market. There is an increasing awareness around the issues which can be caused for some by gluten, with many people calling for it to be excluded from more foods, so the gluten free black pudding, which is expected to be available for food fans to purchase from online butchers next month, is arriving at just the right time.

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