Suggested U.S. legislation to provide assurance to livestock owners

Due to the high demand for different types of meat in the US, including grass fed beef and dry aged beef, there are ongoing discussions about passing a legislation to give livestock owners reassurance in the event of natural disasters.

The proposed legislation is called Livestock Disaster Protection Act and, if passed, several programs would be extended for five years to cover financial losses in 2012 and 2013. The president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association believes that cattle producers have an important need for the necessary tools to continue providing produce even if Mother Nature is not behaving as those in the industry would like.

Since the U.S. experiences a wide range of weather extremities throughout the year, such legislation might be necessary in order to keep production running as it should. Farmers and livestock owners continue to face risks on a daily basis due severe weather across America, from droughts to floods to extreme heatwaves. The new legislation would give people involved in meat production a safety net of sorts to keep on taking the necessary risks that make sure consumers in the industry are provided for.

The livestock producers in the U.S. carry out a high-pressure job in making sure animals are reared to specified standards, as well as ensuring that cattle and other animals are fed the correct substances and kept to the required standards of health to provide meats like corn fed chicken and grass fed beef to consumers.

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