Black pudding burger – a family favourite

Black pudding is famous throughout the UK for both its rich history and rich taste. Bury black pudding is the one to watch out for, as Lancashire is known for making the best black puddings around.

In recent years, black pudding has risen back into popularity, with many top chefs creating recipes just for black pudding. It used to be created in order to eliminate waste when cooking, using every last bit of the pig. Nowadays, it is just one of those traditions that people still love.

The black pudding burger is a favourite of many, especially families. Sometimes it is difficult to get kids to eat, but burgers are usually one of the exceptions.

It is easy to create a black pudding burger, and it is just as straightforward to put your own twist on it if you prefer. The one thing to remember is that the burger does not need any extra salt or pepper since the black pudding has a fantastic flavour on its own.

One variation of the black pudding burger involves an ingredient list of steak mince, black pudding, one onion, and of course, burger buns on which to eat them.

The method could not be simpler – just mix all the ingredients together, shape into burger forms, and then leave in the fridge for an hour to let them get firmer. Once this has been done, burgers can be cooked on the barbecue or on the grill, and served with toppings as desired.

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