Bury black pudding is unbeaten on quality

Brits are never shy to let people know exactly what food they favour themselves, and dishes that commonly crop up at the top of the list will probably include cornfed chicken and grass fed beef. One of the best northern creations is the Bury black pudding, which offers a great mixture of flavour, texture, and enjoyment.

Traditionally, a pudding is stuffed inside a skin and cooked. In the case of black pudding, some people say it closer to a sausage than a pudding, but formalities mean nothing if it offers get a great taste, which the original Bury black pudding makers say is the best taste experience of its kind.

In the old days of people believing that every part of a pig was precious, black pudding was a treat during the winter. There are many different versions of the story from numerous cultures that worship pigs, but the basic idea is that it was never as readily available as it is now. Bury, is the home to black pudding, is ultimately the best and most authentic place to buy it.

Black pudding lovers have European monks to thank for introducing the UK to the popular food. Ever since it was introduced to Lancashire, and the town of Bury in particular, it has become ever more popular over the years and is now famously associated with Bury. Even famous chefs like Paul Heathcote use the Bury black pudding in their dishes because of its renewed popularity and diversity when it comes to meal times.

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