Chefs get online tips on how to cook beef

A new web-based portal called Beefopedia is aiming to get more people eating grass fed beef by instructing its users on how to best prepare different types of the meat.

With everything from dry aged beef to healthy grass fed beef widely available, there is often some confusion about the best ways to cook each type. Many supermarkets sell mostly grain fed or corn fed beef, when people might actually want grass fed beef

With chefs sometimes not sure of the right way to cook due to the different flavour that grass fed beef provides, they often tend to choose other options instead. The Beefopedia portal provides information about grass fed beef to chefs and those who cook regularly so they can get a taste for the healthier, natural product.

Beefopedia was developed during a recent Hackathon which saw teams get together to come up with technological, innovative solutions for problems faced by meat producers and consumers. Beefopedia won best design and allows chefs explore the different types and cuts of meat on a model of a 3D cow. It gives them information on how each type of beef should be prepared, as well as which foods they complement particularly well.

Grass fed beef is generally said to be healthier than other kinds because the cattle have been raised on their natural diet of grass, giving them a healthier life and in turn creating a food product that is healthier for humans. The Beefopedia application aims to get more people to benefit from grass fed beef.

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