Cooking perfect English black pudding

Rich in its history as well as its flavour, black pudding is a sausage that can be traced right back to the 16th Century, and has long since been eaten as a snack or added to a meal. It is traditionally from the north of England, particularly Bury in Lancashire, and Bury black pudding is usually boiled and served with malt vinegar.

There are many ways to add flavour to black pudding. It can be eaten uncooked, but it is usually grilled, boiled, or fried as part of a traditional full English breakfast. Many people like to eat it with chips rather than fish, which means it can be very versatile, making it great for any meal.

To cook black pudding to perfection as part of a traditional breakfast, grill or fry on either side for 5 – 10 minutes until it turns deep black and crispy. Baked beans and eggs are perfect to complement the meal, providing a full and nutritious first meal of the day.

Another great idea is to cook it with caramelised onions. This is great for a starter or a snack, as the two foods accompany each other very well.

When it comes to actually cooking the black pudding, it is important to make sure the frying pan is heated before use, and the black pudding is cut up in a way that suits the meal. Usually, this is just done by removing it from its packaging and slicing it, making it easier to serve with the chosen meal.

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