New food trends expected for the year ahead

Food is a prominent part of our world, which means there are always discussions on what the best to eat is and what foods are the tastiest. The New Zealander website recently asked a group of food experts for some predictions of trends over the next 12 months.

The panel identified that, due to the recent financial uncertainties, there have been fluctuations in food trends. More people are concerned about food waste, and so are finding ways to reduce it. One of those ways is to be sparing with meat, and utilise the best parts. For example, dry aged beef is an up and coming food trend.

Other trends, the panel said, will come into play soon in restaurants and food production. Since most restaurants have small kitchens, it is expected that they will have to source food from off site, perhaps including online butchers.

Similarly, it is expected that a lot of restaurants will be closing down due to the economic downfall, as well as the fact that many people cook meals like corn fed chicken at home instead.

It is also expected that increasingly more restaurants will focus on where their food and ingredients have come from, whether this be a farm or a butcher. Foods like Goosnargh chicken have the guarantee that they are from where they say.

Lastly, the panel predicts that frugality will rule a lot more. Since there is no room for waste, and making the most of the healthiest parts of meat, there is expected to be trends in dry aged beef being used more often.

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