Here is a list of people/businesses in the US that share our passion for creating great steak…….


Peter Lugers – Regularly voted the best no.1 Steak house in America. Based in Brooklyn and has been open for over  125 years. The decor is basic and they don’t accept credit cards but there’s never a moment when they are not empty as Americans and tourists in the know will always travel for great steak!!!


Meat Men (Pat LaFreida) – We love Pat La freida’s passion for meat and especially producing great steak. His programme Meat Men is a big hit in the Matthews household. This link shows you a You Tube video of his maturation chiller with over a million dollars worth of maturing sirloins!!!


Bern’s Steak House – Located in Tampa, Florida and voted as one of the top 10 restaurants in the US to eat dry aged steak. The link shows Habteab Hamde the chef de cuisine in the maturation chiller of the restaurant and talks about the maturation process they use in detail.


Cut – Wolfgang Puck – His star-studded steakhouse in Beverly Hills is a showcase for A-list celebs, financiers and Hollywood elite who flock here for an innovative meat menu and more.


Smith and Wollensky’s – Opened by Alan Stillman who also famously created the TGI Fridays concept. This restaurant gained notoriety around the world after serving Meryl Streep’s character that delicious looking steak in the “Devils wears Prada”.


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