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An increasing number of consumers are becoming aware of the advantages to their health of buying grass fed beef, and are turning to websites run by butchers and farmers so that they can buy grass fed beef online.

European agriculture places great emphasis on the consumer and the environment with farmers seeking new ways to produce high-quality meat using less intensive farming methods. However, until recently, there has been little scientific proof to support farmers, butchers and consumers in their belief that grass fed meat is superior to intensively farmed meat.

Research undertaken by the Division of Farm Animal Science at the Department of Clinical Veterinary Science together with the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research at Aberystwyth, along with the University of Reading, examined the quality and composition of lamb and beef fed on various diets.

They found that meat on retail display from beef cattle fed on grass retained its fresh looking red colour longer than beef fed on grain. They linked this colour difference to the higher quantities of the vitamin E antioxidants contained in the muscles of animals allowed to graze. Another result showed that there were higher quantities of omega 3 fatty acids in cattle allowed to graze than grain fed cattle, and these were broken down during cooking, adding to the flavour of the meat.

Over seventy-five years ago, in 1935, Albert Matthews opened his first butchers shop and he built his business and reputation on selling only the best-quality meat supplied by local farmers. Three generations on, we, his descendants, still hold these values and pride ourselves on selling direct to the public rare breed and traditional meat. Our recent progression into the online market now means that everyone in the UK can buy grass fed beef online through our website.

Beef cattle that graze on grass in fertile meadows in the fresh air and sunshine, as nature intended, produce full-flavoured meat, because of their entirely natural diet. The cattle live in communal groups in a stress-free environment and are moved daily to fresh pastures. The cattle eat the grass and then naturally fertilise the land so that more nutritious grass grows, continuing the natural cycle.

Today, Albert Matthews offers only meat reared in Cheshire, Lancashire, and the Cumbrian Fells. We have established an easy-to-use, colourful and informative website where you can buy grass fed beef online. Many of our customers are repeat customers and return regularly to our website to buy grass fed beef online.