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Buying meat online is not a new concept. Farmers, especially organic farmers, and eminent butchers have been posting boxes containing vacuum-packed meat via the post direct to customers’ door for many years.

Much of the shrink-wrapped meat in polystyrene trays that is available in your local supermarket is from farms using intensive farming methods. Sometimes, the labelling is confusing and does not contain all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision before making your purchase.

If you buy meat online you normally make direct contact with the butcher selling the meat and he will have a reputation to uphold. Many of these online reputable butchers are also mentioned on social network sites with comments posted by their customers. Any butcher not delivering good customer care, competitive prices, and reasonable delivery charges along with quick delivery times will not last too long in the highly competitive online world of buying meat.

To buy meat online you must have faith in the online butcher’s competence to deliver quality meat to your door in a condition suitable for human consumption. The ability to be able to read all the information you need regarding the type and cut of meat, whether it is organic meat, if it has been traditionally reared or is easily traceable, are all factors that online meat-buying customers want to know.

A well laid-out and informative website will have the look and feel of a shop, albeit an online shop, where customers can browse through a range of meat products and add them to their basket. The professionalism of the butcher, their heritage, and philosophy should all be evident and explained. Customers also want to be able to find contact telephone numbers and email addresses, terms and conditions in plain English and complaints and returns procedures, quickly and easily without spending time searching in the small print.

That is why we, at Albert Matthews butchers, have designed a professional, attractive, and informative online shop so that you can buy meat online with confidence from us. We set out our philosophy, which has not changed since our founder, Albert Matthews, started our business over seventy-five years ago. Everything you need to know about where we source our meat, how it is matured to improve flavour, before it is cut by our master butchers, and packed ready for delivery to your door, is available in our online shop.