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Black pudding is certainly a delicacy in the UK due to its history and flavour, as well as its not-so-common ingredients. In the Lancashire town of Bury, black pudding is a hugely popular food item, and sees many people visit every year in order to grab their own taste.

Traditionally from the North of England, black pudding is a mixture of pork fat, oatmeal and pig’s blood, often encased in a plastic or natural skin casing. There are many variations of the story of where black pudding came from, but the basic idea is that its original function was to ensure every bit of the animal was used, eliminating waste. Nowadays, things are often wasted, and some people wonder if the black pudding idea should actually be used more often in other products.

Black pudding has not always been as popular as it is today, mainly due to lower availability and the lack of ways to cook it years ago. Nowadays, even top chefs are using it in their recipes, so it has made something of a comeback across the UK. Bury, in particular, is famous for Chadwick’s Black Pudding.

There are two basic forms of black pudding: it can either come in a stick wrapped in a plastic casing, or it can be more like a normal sausage in a natural skin. The stick type is great for cooking with a traditional English breakfast, as it can be easily grilled or fried. The sausage is also easy to cook, and when it is done right, the flavour is delicious.

Since Bury is famous for black puddings, it is not surprising that the town provides Chadwick’s Black Pudding, the original black pudding that attracts millions to the Bury market every year. The secret recipe has many people’s mouths watering, and most of them take away a love for Bury black puddings.

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