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Cheap Meat Online


Buying cheap meat online comes with many rewards, but it is important for shoppers to do some research first and make sure that they have chosen a trusted butcher.

As with any product purchasable online, shoppers should do their utmost to check as many details of the products and supplier as they can before placing an order. If they do not, they could be disappointed for many reasons, among which are:

• The quality
• The quantity
• The sell-by date
• The condition of the meat when it arrives
• The delivery charges

There is no doubt that there are bargains to be had online, but exercising caution is recommended. It is not just the provenance of the meat that needs consideration, but also the provenance of the online butcher, farmer or wholesaler.

It is well worth checking out forums on which people post good and bad verdicts on their experience of buying cheap meat online. Visiting several sites and reading pleny of the comments on each site is advised.

Why buy online?

Buying from a local traditional butchers shop is no longer an option for many people – partly due to their own working hours coinciding with those of the butcher, and also because there are fewer of them than their used to be.

However, with much of the population now having access to the internet, many savvy traditional butchers and farmers have set up attractive websites which they run in conjunction with their traditional shops or stalls at markets and which support their brick-and-mortar shops.

This increase in the opportunities of where to purchase meat has allowed many people to be more discerning in their purchasing habits. Everyone loves a bargain, and meat lovers are no different, so it is no surprise that a burgeoning array of websites that offer cheap meat online has sprung up.

What is meant by ‘cheap’?

An important distinction should be made between buying cheap meat online where price is the main consideration, and buying cheap meat online where buying quality meat at a cheaper than high street price is the objective.

To this end, many butchers and farmers have opened an online shop and now have a prominent internet presence. Here at Albert Matthews, we have put considerable time and thought into the quality and information contained in our website, so that our customers can make a fully informed decision before placing their order online.

Taking meat information online

We believe that a good online shop should not only provide information on the cut and price of the meat for sale but also on the traceability and source of the meat, the type of packaging used to ensure the meat is delivered in tip-top condition, the delivery method, and the ethos and history of the company. That is why pages can be found on our site dealing with all these matters.

The objective of any good online meat supplier is to fully meet their customers’ satisfaction levels so that they will return again and again, forming a good relationship between the company and the customer - with both parties reaping the benefits.