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Beef is one of the most popular meats in the UK, and also around the world. What makes the perfect steak is an ongoing debate, but it is of course subject to personal preference. However, there are ways to make a technically perfect steak, which means sourcing the best British beef, preparing it correctly and then cooking it depending on individual requirements. One of the most popular ways to enhance the flavour of beef is dry aging, and a dry aged fillet steak is ideal because the meat has effectively been tenderised and given more taste.

The dry aged fillet steak comes from within the sirloin of the animal, which means it is a muscle that doesn’t do any work – leading the meat to be particularly tender. On its own, a fillet does not have a lot of flavour. However, a dry aged fillet steak is considerably tastier because the dry aging process brings out the best in the meat.

While fillets cannot be hung for very long, dry aging gives them the chance to make the most of the evaporation of the moisture, as well as presence of enzymes which allow the tissue to break down, leading to a tender fillet. Since fillets are quite tender to begin with, this process is usually quick and is ideal for those who enjoy their steaks very tender as opposed to lean.

Cooking a dry aged fillet steak is also easier than cooking other types, because it is usually done in just a few minutes. This is perfect if you enjoy the flavour of the fillet and want to prepare a quick meal to impress guests, or even enjoy with the family.

It is recommended that a dry aged fillet steak is served rare, with some sweet ingredient like peppercorn to add something extra. Alternatively, the fillet can be fried for a few minutes to eat straight away or it can be saved for the next day by keeping it in the fridge.

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