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Sirloin steak is a popular kind of steak in the UK, and many meat lovers enjoy the sirloin because it is lean and has a lot of flavour. In a lot of places in the UK, dry aged sirloin steak is also becoming more popular because this process brings out even more flavour, so you are getting the best out of the meat.

Dry aged sirloin steak is popular for many reasons, but it is important to note that there are also different types of sirloin steak with differing properties that are beneficial for certain requirements. The top sirloin is the most prized part of the beef, and it is promoted for that fact. Dry aging makes top sirloin even tastier.

Alternatively, there is bottom sirloin, which is not as tender as the top sirloin but is still tasty in its own right. This means that there are different types of dry aged sirloin steak to choose from when it comes to purchasing your favourite steak.

The best thing about sirloin steak is that it is well-sized and has a healthy mixture of fat. Although it is not the tastiest of meat, dry aging can enhance the already existing flavour and give you a lean and tasty piece of steak.

Dry aged sirloin steak is eaten nowadays a lot more than it used to be, because the fact that it offers a greatly enhanced flavour is more widely known. Dry aging is useful because it allows you to make the most of the meat and leave as little to waste as possible.

When it comes to purchasing dry aged sirloin steak, it is important not to compromise size with quality. Sirloin is usually fair sized anyway, but the quality and source of the beef is much more important, as these give the best texture and flavour.

At Albert Matthews, our sirloin steak is cut from native breeds of cow, which means they are healthier after having been reared slowly and allowed to graze freely. This makes for meat that has plenty of flavour.

Sirloin steak is a particular favourite because it is very well marbled, as well as deliciously tender due to the typical 28 days of dry aging. For the best meal, purchase the dry aged sirloin steak now from the website, and then cook quickly on high heat in a frying pan or hot grill.