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Dry aging beef refers to the process of preparing beef for consumption in a way that breaks down the tissue, and allows the natural enzymes to bring out the flavour. It is a popular process throughout the UK because it makes the beef tastier than if it were just prepared normally, and it usually is a lot more tender than normal beef.

Dry aging beef begins after the animal has been slaughtered and cleaned, and involves hanging the beef up or placing it on a special rack to dry for a certain number of weeks. The largest sections of the beef will be cut into their own strips and often placed into a specific refrigerator. This process is expensive but worthwhile.

It is usually only the meat with a large fat content that can be left hung up or placed on racks to dry age, with the aim to concentrate, saturate and tenderise the natural flavour. Due to the long process, dry aged beef is a specialised type of meat and can only be purchased from certain places.

The dry aging process changes the beef in two distinct ways. While it has been left out to dry, the moisture in the muscle evaporates. This concentrates the beef’s flavour and makes it tastier. Secondly, the enzymes in the beef break down the tissue during the process, and create a more tender beef product.

Typically, dry aging beef takes between 15 and 28 days, but varies across different types of beef and among different butchers. Usually, around one third – and often more – of the weight is lost through moisture.

When it comes to cooking dry aged beef, it is important to moderate the temperature regularly because, due to the lack of moisture, it will cook quicker. Depending on your own requirements, dry aged beef can be cooked on the grill on or on the stove. There are benefits to either way, but grilling is usually the quickest if you can’t wait to taste your steak.

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