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Duck is a food item that is enjoyed in many countries, and has been eaten for thousands of years. Origins can be found in ancient China, but ultimately, it has long since been a favourite of many countries, including the UK.

Some of the best duck breasts have been produced from ducks that are slowly reared on a natural diet, without the presence of growth aids or antibiotics. Natural duck breasts have much better flavour and are a lot healthier than other types.

The part of the duck that is eaten depends on the style of cooking or the meal it is being eaten with. Most commonly, duck breasts are eaten with meals because of its availability and its high nutritional value. For example, a serving of 3.5 oz of lean duck breast typically has 28 grams of protein.

Duck breasts are not only known for their high protein; they also contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals. The same serving provides you with around half of the daily recommended amount of vitamin B3.

Duck is also known for being high in iron, which is an important element in aiding red blood cells which regulate the flow of oxygen to different parts of the body. It can also boost your energy, so eating duck breasts for lunch allows you to be ready for the rest of the day.

Preparing duck breasts for a meal is easy if you know what to do. The top tip is to roast a breast while keeping it off the bottom of the pan, where the fat will build up. Around 70% of the fat can be removed from duck breasts with skin by piercing the skin while it is cooking.

Typically, duck breasts have been used in many top recipes and famous chefs, like Paul Heathcote, use them all the time in their recipes. The best recipes combine nutritious duck breasts with other important food groups to create a healthy meal.

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