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Fresh meat online


Those wish to buy fresh meat online have a vast number of websites at their disposal, ranging from small specialist family butchers or family-run farms to large wholesale meat suppliers who will now sell their products directly to the public.

In order to be competitive, many of these websites have developed a unique selling point specializing in certain sections of the meat trade. For instance, the web can be used to find:

• organic meat
• specialist poultry
• traditional game
• charcuterie meats (which are cold cooked, cured or processed meat and meat products),
• Wagyu beef (which comes from cattle whose genetic predisposition produces beef with a greater percentage of omega 6 and omega 3 than other types of beef, as well as larger areas of marbling. This increases the proportion of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats)
• exotic meat imported from all corners of the earth

Why do butchers go online?

What all of these websites offer is to deliver an order direct to their customers’ doors in packaging that ensures it arrives in top quality condition. There is no point in these companies advertising online if they cannot guarantee getting the meat shipped without it being spoilt because the packaging is unsuitable or the delivery took too long to arrive.

Many of the companies offering fresh meat online have a long pedigree going back several hundred years. Some have diversified from supplying the hotel and catering industry, while others have been established traders at the famous Smithfield Meat Market for many years, but since the coming of the Internet have been quick to see a way to increase their sales and diversify their customer base.

What steps should be taken when shopping for meat online?

Some people searching for fresh meat online look only at the cost, hoping to grab a good deal or bargain price. However, care should always be taken to ensure the background of the suppliers, how they package their meat and what delivery method they use are also among the factors scrutinised.

Here at Albert Matthews butchers, we make sure that information about our philosophy, packaging and delivery service is available online so that our customers can be assured that their meat is delivered in the best possible condition. We are passionate about the meat we sell and source the best quality meat from local farms able to prove the provenance and traceability of their cattle and poultry. We are also proud of the many awards our meat has won.

Anybody looking for fresh meat online for a special occasion, to fill up their freezer, to try something new or exotic, or just an excellent deal at a bargain price is sure to find what they are looking for.

Buying fresh meat online is a new concept to many, but they should simply apply the same principals as they would when shopping in their local high street or shopping centre. If possible, it is a good idea to phone the company and ask some questions before placing an order for the first time, thereby getting a sense of whether they really know their meat.