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Goosnargh is a village in the county of Lancashire in England, and is particularly famous for its chicken and duck. There are many places within England which rear ducks and chickens for food consumption, but none of them are quite like the Goosnargh poultry. They are specially treated and reared, and people visit the village just to get their own taste of the prestigious Goosnargh chicken.

The special thing about Goosnargh poultry is the fact that it has been slowly raised on a natural diet, without additives or any other unnatural growth chemicals, to produce the healthy and tasty end produce loved by people all over the UK. Since the 60s, Johnson and Swarbrick have been situated at Swainson House Farm in Goosnargh, and have prided themselves on producing quality food.

When it comes to raising chickens and ducks, what happens early in their life can have an impact on how well they are raised and how well the produce turns out. Goosnargh ducks and chickens are allowed to run freely in barns, having the freedom of about 50% more space than the government regulations require. This means that the animals are living happier lives and in the long run, this is important.

Another specific necessity of Goosnargh ducks and chicken is the fact that they are reared slowly, meaning they are slaughtered a couple of weeks after the usual times and this makes a big difference to the overall flavour and texture. Additionally, the ducks are plucked and hung, which also helps to give them more flavour when cooking, creating a moist and crispy addition to any meal.

Due to the Goosnargh poultry’s special treatment, it is loved by many all over the UK – especially top chefs, who use the produce in their own recipes quite often. Goosnargh corn fed chicken and duck has been used by famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, who has put it on his menu in the past, and continues to be popular with the general public.

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