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Goosnargh chicken


Goosnargh village is located between the town of Longridge and the village of Broughton in the county of Lancashire. The name Goosnargh is connected to many locally produced foods. Not only is Goosnargh famed for its chickens and ducks, there is also a Goosnargh Cake, a type of shortcake biscuit with caraway seeds. As well as this, the British Cheese Board has listed five out of their ten registered Lancashire Cheese Dairies as being located in Goosnargh parish.

The local producer of Goosnargh chickens feeds them on a secret corn recipe they created in conjunction with a nutritionist, which contains only natural ingredients and is free from chemicals or other additives like antibiotics or medication. This secret recipe, together with the conditions the chickens are housed in, helps to create high-quality poultry.

Many people are beginning to realise that meat that has been grown slowly and allowed to mature has an improved taste. Although all the poultry is raised to be eaten, by taking good care of the chickens during their lifespan, the producers are ensuring they have chickens of the highest possible quality.

When Albert Matthews opened his first butchers shop in 1935, he vowed to use only local meat and poultry of the highest quality. Today, we at Albert Matthews butchers continue to follow this ethos, by sourcing our meat from farms in Lancashire, the Cumbrian Fells, and Cheshire, where traditional breeds are reared.

The Goosnargh chickens sold by Albert Matthews have come from a local producer who allows their chicks to run around in spacious, well-ventilated, barns. The chickens are slaughtered at eight to 10 weeks old instead of being slaughtered at the usual six weeks that most commercially reared chickens are.

The flavour of Goosnargh chickens has been reported to be superb, and they are currently on the menu of a number of Michelin starred restaurants. If you love chicken, you should try one of the corn-fed special recipe Goosnargh chicken breasts, which are full of taste and are renowned for their succulence. The chickens used for the chicken supreme are allowed to mature slowly for between 10 and 14 weeks and the sprig or wing bone is not removed but remains in place to enhance presentation.

Here at Albert Matthew butchers we pride ourselves on the high-quality meat and poultry we sell in our shops and we are now making these available to the whole of the UK through our website. All our meat and poultry is delivered chilled and not frozen, and we have carefully selected the packaging we use so that all our meat and poultry reaches you in ideal condition.