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Goosnargh Duck


Goosnargh, pronounced ‘goose-ner’, ducks comes from a little village of the same name situated between Longridge and Preston in Lancashire. Quite why this little village produces ducks of such high quality is not readily apparent. Not in question is the fact that ducks need water, and there is certainly no lack of water in the village of Goosnargh. Its success, however, more likely relates to the high-quality producers of poultry in this area.

They have created an international reputation for producing high-quality ducks that have been fed on a diet free of chemicals. The producers are so fiercely protective of their reputation that they are seeking EU protection to stop other duck producers from outside the village tagging their ducks with the name Goosnargh.

Goosnargh Duck originates from cross breeding Peking and Aylesbury ducks, which has resulted in good bone to meat balance and, in particularly, heavy breast weight. Their appearance is what you would expect to find in a children’s book, having a yellow beak and white feathers. Goosnargh ducks are normally killed when they are 56 days old and the flavour is improved by hanging the duck for two days.

The quality of Goosnargh Duck has resulted in local fine-dining Lancashire restaurants featuring Goosnargh Duck on their menus. The availability of quality local produce has fostered a circle of demand from popular restaurants creating an increase in the production of local produce, so that producers, restaurants, and customers all benefit from local quality produce.

Here at Albert Matthews we source all our meat from traditional and rare breeds bred and raised in Lancashire, Cheshire and the Cumbrian Fells districts. We have stayed true to the ethos of our founding father, Albert Matthew, who opened his first shop in 1935 and vowed to sell only the finest local livestock.

Today, we are continuing to stay true to the tradition of our ancestor and only sell the finest livestock from local sources in our shops. As we have expanded into an online environment with a website, we are now able to offer this amazing quality meat to the whole of the UK. We are proud of the quality meat we sell at Albert Matthews butchers and hope our passion for quality meat will give our customers a great eating experience.

You can be assured that if you buy Goosnargh Duck, the bird will have been slowly reared without the aid of growth promoters. The ducks are dry plucked and then hung to intensify the flavour so that the full flavour of the duck comes through during the cooking process.