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Grass fed beef


According to research carried out for the National Trust, the most naturally sustainable approach to rearing beef is to feed the cattle on grass during the whole of their lifecycle. Other research found there were other health benefits when beef cattle are fed wholly on grass, which is their natural diet.

The difference in diet between grain fed cattle and grass fed cattle changes the fats and nutrients obtained from eating the meat. Grass fed cattle may have some health benefits over grain fed cattle. The meat from beef cattle fed on grass typically contains higher levels of Omega 3, a fatty acid, which is essential to good mental and physical health, than beef cattle fed on grain. The meat may also contain conjugated linoleic, another fatty acid, which is thought to reduce the threat of contracting cancer and heart disease. The amount of saturated fat found in grass fed beef cattle contains a third of the level found in grain fed cattle.

Climate change supporters often call for a reduction in meat consumption to be replaced by a diet based largely on vegetables. However, this view does not take into consideration the fact that most grassland is not suitable for uninterrupted arable cropping.

This research has confirmed what butchers and farmers who fed their beef cattle on grass have long believed. Not only is grass fed beef better for the environment but it may also be better for your health than grain fed cattle  - and it tastes better too.

That is why we at Albert Matthews butchers only sell top quality meat sourced from farms that rear traditional livestock. The farms we work with in Cumbria, Cheshire, and Lancashire rear slow maturing breeds especially for us. Our beef come from breeds such as Shorthorn, Hereford, and Aberdeen Angus. The grass fed beef we sell has taken longer to rear and subsequently has a little more fat on it than meat bought from supermarkets, but our meat is much more tender and has more flavour.

Our butchery business is named after Albert Matthews, who started the firm more than 75 years ago. Albert was determined to sell the best locally sourced meat in his shop and three generations later, we still abide by the values he set down all those years ago. We sell only the finest quality meat and we are proud of the many awards we have received for the meat we sell.