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Grass fed meat


There have been many studies into meat that comes from grass fed cattle. Studies have shown, among other things, the effect grass fed meat has on flavour and appearance. The studies show that cattle fed on quality feeds produce quality meat and that UK consumers prefer grass fed meat to concentrate fed meat.

Low levels of a-linoleic, which is an omega 3 fatty acid, is found in concentrate fed meat but high levels of a-linoleic is found in grass fed meat. Although oxidation reaction is found in grass fed meat, turning the colour of the meat from red to brown, it does not appear to have an adverse effect on the taste.

Meat from grass fed cattle also contains considerable amounts of stearic acid and monounsaturated oils, two of the ‘good’ fats, but none of the trans-fatty acids made by man. They also contain the largest known natural source of conjugated linoleic acids along with additional amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin E.

At the end of the Second World War, another use had to be found for chemicals used in the manufacture of bombs, so they were included in pesticides and fertilizers used by farmers to grow grain. Farmers, then and now, feed their livestock on grain because it produces market weight livestock faster than livestock fed on grass.

Although studies into grass fed meat continue, the results so far appear to bear out the long held view by most farmers and those in the meat industry, that the traditional methods of rearing livestock produce the best quality meat.

Increased awareness by consumers and their eagerness to purchase food produced organically or by traditional farming methods, have led many farmers and retailers to specialize in traditional methods. As we at Albert Matthews have always held this philosophy it was only a matter of time before our family-run business made its presence felt in this area.

Albert Matthews has a fine tradition of offering only the choicest quality meat and when the brand was re-launched at Bury Market, we decided that only meat from traditional breeds reared in the tradition manner on grass would be sold. In addition to fresh meat, we also sell award winning secret family recipe dry cured bacon and sausages. The popularity of the range of products available has been truly amazing and the business has grown substantially. This has encouraged us to branch out and find new ways to offer its quality meats to a much wider audience.