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Meat deals


Deals and bargains are what lure people into shops in the high street, out of town shopping centres, and onto websites. It is very hard to resist all the hype surrounding the great deals available and most people are only too happy to take advantage of these offers, happy in the knowledge that they are getting a great deal.

Meat is not precluded from these offers and meat deals can be found in all the above mentioned locations and play an important role in getting customers through the doors of shops, or browsing online virtual stores.
The shift online

In recent years there has been a sharp rise in websites offering meat deals to consumers. With stiff competition from supermarkets and large out of town shopping centres, the arrival and popular uptake of the Internet has given butchers a new channel through which to reach customers, as well as a convenient and reliable way for people to get their chosen meats delivered to their doors.

Those butchers and farmers that have embraced the Internet by opening an online store have, in most cases, grown and established themselves amid customers they may not otherwise have reached. However, opening an online store is not a magic solution and a unique selling point is vital, along with providing the customer with a good experience of visiting the online store. Simple, easy-to-use processes and good graphics all add to the experience.

Online, it is possible to find a wide variety of meat deals from a wealth of sources. Some examples are:

• Meat boxes – these might include chicken, pork, lamb or beef cuts, or joints in a box, More diverse ones may contain organic or exotic meats, and some offer thrift boxes - all offered at a set price
• Selection packs – these allow customers to choose three or four products for a set price, or might integrate an offer where a tray of meat with a minimum weight is offered for a fixed amount.

Shopping on the internet is proving so popular that most of the major supermarkets have an online store and use meat deals as one way to tempt customers onto their websites.
Why do meat shoppers turn to the web?

The Internet is ideal for those looking for something a bit different or meat that has quality and traceability. Here at Albert Matthews online butchers, we put our contact details on our website and we are happy to speak to our customers, answering their questions regarding where the meat has been sourced, what type of breed it comes from, how long it has been matured and how it will be delivered.

A reputable butcher or farmer will include the above details on the business’ website, together with his or her history and philosophy, so that customers know who they are buying from. We at Albert Matthews are proud of our heritage and passion for meat and we hope that our website conveys our dedication and zeal to supply only the highest quality meat from local farms on which the animals have been reared, treated, and fed correctly.