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Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef

We believe our beef is some of the finest grass fed meat you will have ever tasted and go to great lengths to ensure the tenderness and flavour is truly exceptional. Our preference is to source our meat from cattle farmed in areas of outstanding natural beauty (Forest of Bowland & Lake District). We favour traditional British breeds and expect the cattle to have been reared slowly, grazing on grass and the natural surrounding vegetation. We believe these factors come together to create meat with the best possible flavour. We then carefully dry age our meat on the bone for a minimum of 28 days this guarantees melt in the mouth tenderness. Finally our skilled team of butchers trim and cut  to exacting specifications giving our customer the best eating experience possible.

  • Galloway Rib of Beef

    Salt Aged, Galloway Rib of Beef

    The naturally reared, Galloway beef we use lends itself well to this cut with the natural marbling creating exceptional succulence and flavour.

    Starting at: £40.99

  • Topside Joint

    Topside Joint

    Our dry aged, naturally reared, Galloway beef means the joint has far more flavour and tenderness than the same cut in a supermarket.

    Starting at: £15.85

  • Galloway Mince

    Galloway Minced Beef

    Our mince is made using a combination of off cuts from our steak cutting and premium forequarter meat ensuring it is the best quality.

  • Galloway Diced Beef

    Galloway Lean Diced Beef

    Perfect for casseroling and stewing, the flavour of our Galloway beef will really come through and lift the dish you create.

  • Sirloin roasting joint

    Salt Aged Sirloin Roasting Joint

    Galloway breed, Grass Fed, Day aged in our unique Salt Ageing Chamber for a minimum of 28 days

    Starting at: £39.50

  • Rib Eye

    Salt Aged Galloway Ribeye Roast

    Taken from our naturally reared, rare breed, Galloway beef . The natural marbling means it's packed full of flavour.

    Starting at: £39.99

  • Galloway Ox Cheeks

    Galloway Ox Cheeks

    Ox Cheeks are one of the most on-trend cuts you can use at the moment. They're great value and full of flavour.


    Serves 6 to 8 people

  • Shin of Beef

    Galloway - Shin of Beef

    Shin is absolutely fantastic when slow cooked in a casserole, the cut has tons of flavour.


    Serves 6 to 8 people

  • Galloway Brisket

    Galloway Brisket

    Slow cooked and pulled, Brisket is a great alternative to mince in a chilli or a ragu.

  • Steak Strips

    Steak Strips

    Our steak strips are are full of flavour due to them being cut from our 28 day, aged Galloway beef .

  • Whole Picanha

    Salt Aged Galloway Whole Picanha

    In South America the Picanha is a much sought after cut. Taken from the top of the rump, it is very tender and full of flavour.


    3 to 4 people

  • Braising Steak

    Galloway Braising Steak

    Slow cook with shallots and red wine for the perfect casserole.


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