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Our Amazing Steaks

Our Amazing Steaks


We are particularly proud of our steaks range, we go to great lengths to ensure their tenderness and flavour is truly exceptional. Our preference is to source our meat from cattle farmed in areas of outstanding natural beauty. We favour traditional British breeds and expect the cattle to have been reared slowly, grazing on grass and the natural surrounding vegetation. We believe all these factors come together to create meat with the best possible flavour. We then carefully dry age our steaks on the bone for a minimum of 28 days this guarantees melt in the mouth tenderness. Finally our skilled team of butchers trim and cut to exacting specifications giving our customer the best steak experience possible.

  • Flat Iron Steaks

    Flat Iron Steak

    A much underrated steak, made famous within the US the flat Iron steak has a deep, rich flavour.


    3 to 4 people

  • Flat Iron Steak with Fajita Rub

    Flat Iron Steak in Fired up Fajita Rub

    Packed full of flavour the flat iron steak is perfect for Fajitas especially when combined with our own home made "fired up" fajita rub.


    3 to 4 people

  • hanger-onglet-steak

    Onglet / Hanger Steak - 2 x 227g (8oz)

    It is a very popular cut in France where it is called Onglet, and is often preferred above most other steaks.


    2 people

  • Whole Picanha

    Galloway Whole Picanha

    In South America the Picanha is a much sought after cut. Taken from the top of the rump, it is very tender and full of flavour.


    3 to 4 people

  • Picanha Steak

    Galloway Picanha steak

    A fantastic cut loved and used frequently in South America. It is the tenderest muscle on the rump and full of flavour.


    2 People

  • Porterhouse

    Galloway Bone In Porterhouse Steak


    This is a big steak, full of flavour from the wing end of the sirloin.


    2 People

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