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Rare Breed Pork

Rare Breed Pork

For our pork we use rare breeds British Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot which are reared slowly and naturally in a stress free environment meaning the meat has far more flavour than your normal supermarket pork. We allow the meat to mature for 14 days to ensure tenderness and then our skilled butchers carefully trim and portion each cut.

  • Rare Breed Pork leg Joint

    Rare Breed Boneless Pork Leg

    Our rare breed pork leg has a little more marbling than normal pork which helps the joint stay moist during cooking and gives it great flavour.

    Starting at: £6.95

  • Rare Breed Pork Chops

    Rare Breed Pork Chops

    Pan fry and leave to rest; deglaze the pan with cider or white wine, add crème fraîche, butter and a spoonful of wholegrain mustard; the perfect mid week supper.

    Starting at: £5.95

  • Rare Breed Pork mince

    Rare Breed Minced Pork

    Prepared only from leg and shoulder trim of our rare breed pork is a healthier option and great when mixed with beef mince for meat balls and bolognese.

  • Rare Breed Pork loin Steaks

    Rare Preed Pork Loin Steaks

    A great value quick, mid week supper and lend themselves well to being pan fried, grilled or roasted but can also be braised if browned off first.

    Starting at: £4.95

  • Rare Diced Pork

    Rare Breed Diced Pork

    The good degree of marbling means it's perfect for using in a range of different dishes such as kebabs and stir-frys as well as slow cook dishes.

  • Award-Winning-Bone-In-Pork-loin-Joint

    Rare Breed Bone In Pork Loin

    Awarded two gold stars in the 2014 Great Taste Awards. Slow Reared, Rare Breed with ample fat cover and plenty of marbling for great flavour.

    Starting at: £8.75

  • Pork Spare Ribs

    Pork Spare Ribs

    Our meaty spareribs are a great cut that is inexpensive and full of flavour. Great slow cooked and finished on the barbecue.


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