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  • Albert's Family BBQ Box

    Albert's Family BBQ Box

    The Albert's Family BBQ box contains a great selection of our award winning meat and poultry, perfect for cooking on the barbecue.


    4 to 6 people

  • Albert's Family Essentials Box

    Albert's Family Essentials Box

    The Albert's Essentials box contains a great selection of every day cuts from our award winning range of meat and poultry.

  • Albert's Quarter Pounder Burger

    Albert's Quarter Pounder Burger

    What we have here is a seriously good burger made using only premium quality ground, rare breed, grass fed beef.

    Starting at: £3.80

  • Albert's Steak Box

    Albert's Steak Box

    This selection box focus's on Albert Matthews's fantastic steak range. You also get burgers and sausage so is ideal for BBQs.


    4 to 6 people

  • Albert's Original's Thick Rare Breed Pork Sausage

    Alberts Originals - Pork Sausage

    Made from rare breed pork; winner of multiple awards including Great Taste Gold Star Award Winner 2007,2010 & 2011.


    2/3 people

  • Alberts Originals  Rare Breed Pork Chipolata Sausage

    Alberts Originals - Chipolata Sausage

    Made with prime shoulder of free range, Saddleback or Gloucester Old Spot pork. The most popular sausage in our shop, winner of numerous awards.


    2/3 people

  • Beef Short Ribs / Jacobs Ladder ribs

    Beef Short Ribs / Jacobs Ladder

    Packed full of flavour, short ribs will absorb moisture during slow braising and the results are impressive


    2/4 people

  • Beef Chateaubriand - 35 Day Aged, Grass Fed, Galloway

    Chateaubriand - Salt Aged, Galloway

    The classic head of fillet cut for two people to share. Cut from our naturally reared, Galloway beef and then 35 Day Aged in our Himalayan Salt Chamber


    2/3 people

  • Essentials Box

    Choose Your Own - Essentials Box

    Select your own everyday essential cuts from a choice of over 18 different products to create your favourite recipes!!

  • Rare-breed-dry-cured-back-bacon

    Dry Cured Back Bacon

    A delicious back bacon made from rare breed, free range pork. Winner of regional awards and Great Taste Gold Stars 2009 & 2010


    4/5 people

  • Black strap dry cured bacon Great Taste Award

    Dry Cured Black Strap Bacon

    Black strap is a type of sweet cure it contains sugar, dark molasses along with some other secret ingredients and we think it's fantastic.


    4/5 people

    Out of stock

  • Dry Cured Streaky Bacon

    Dry Cured Streaky Bacon

    Our delicious streaky bacon is full of flavour from the rare breed pork and secret recipe cure we use. The perfect ingredient for loads of different dishes.


    4/5 people

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