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Butcher shops used to be found in every high street in every city, town, and village in the country but, during the latter part of the 20th century, they began to disappear from most of our high streets. In recent years, though there has been resurgence in customers wanting choice and quality meat that has been sourced responsibly.

Many farmers, particularly organic farmers, responded by opening their own farm shops and by offering a mail order service. However, advertising in newspapers and magazines is expensive and you would need to advertise in dozens of newspapers and magazines just to reach a small percentage of potential customers.

With the advent of the internet, many organic and specialist meat suppliers saw the opportunity to expand nationally and even internationally. Perceptive local butchers, especially those that already had a successful local customer base, saw the potential the internet offered. These butchers responded to the electronic age and to customer concerns regarding the welfare of the animals, the methods used to transport these animals, and the procedure used to slaughter them, together with the traceability of the meat.

If you browse through an online butcher shop, you will see that some supply the public with meat that is similar to what you can purchase in your local supermarket and comes from farms that use intensive farming methods. There are, however, alternative online butcher shops that specialize in organic grass fed meat or meat that has been sourced from farms that have rare breed herds or have reared their animal using traditional methods.

At Albert Matthews butchers, we too have recognized the potential to share with the whole of the UK our fine range of grass fed organic meat. We have opened an online butcher shop that sells not only locally sourced meat, but also our award-winning family-recipe sausages and our dry-cured bacon.

Our online butcher shop offers the same meat products that we sell in our retail shops. Our online customers can rest assured that our master butchers take the same care and attention when preparing meat for despatch direct to homes as they do when preparing meat for our local shop.

Albert Matthews is a family owned business with a passion for sourcing and selling the highest quality meat that goes back over 75 years to when our business was founded in 1935 by Albert Matthews. This philosophy has inspired us to continue selling grass fed organic meat from rare breeds and traditional farms directly to everyone in the country through our online butcher shop.