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Casserole Cuts

Casserole Cuts

  • Galloway Braising Steak

    Galloway Braising Steak

    Our braising steak has a good level of fat and marbling which breaks down during cooking to reward you with a rich, unctuous dish that is full of flavour.


    4/6 people

  • Beef Brisket

    Galloway Brisket

    Slow cooked and pulled, Brisket is a great alternative to mince in a chilli or a ragu.


    4/6 people

  • Galloway Beef Cheeks

    Galloway Beef Cheeks

    Beef Cheeks are one of the most on-trend cuts you can use at the moment. They're great value and full of flavour.


    6/8 people

  • Shin of Beef

    Galloway - Shin of Beef

    Shin is absolutely fantastic when slow cooked in a casserole, the cut has tons of flavour.


    6/8 people

  • OXtail


    There's no doubt Oxtail is one of the most unctuous, flavoursome cuts of beef and it's great value too. Perfect for soups and stews.


    4 people

  • Packer Brisket

    Salt Aged Galloway Packer Brisket

    The point and the flat of the brisket together. Cooked right there is simply nothing that tastes better on a barbecue!!!


    10/15 people

  • Beef Short Ribs / Jacobs Ladder ribs

    Beef Short Ribs / Jacobs Ladder

    Packed full of flavour, short ribs will absorb moisture during slow braising and the results are impressive


    2/4 people

  • Galloway Prime Rib Bones

    Galloway Prime Rib Racks

    The rib bones from a rib of beef in one complete sheet. On and in between these ribs is some of the tastiest and most flavoursome meat you'll find on the whole animal.


    1/2 people

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