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Beef Joints

Beef Joints

  • Galloway Rib of Beef

    Salt Aged, Galloway Rib of Beef

    The naturally reared beef we use lends itself well to this cut with the marbling creating exceptional succulence and flavour.

    Starting at: £62.99

  • Salt Aged Galloway Rib Eye Roast

    Salt Aged Galloway Rib Eye Roast

    Taken from our naturally reared, rare breed, Galloway beef . The natural marbling means it's packed full of flavour.

    Starting at: £41.25

  • Salt Aged Sirloin Roasting Joint

    Salt Aged Sirloin Roasting Joint

    Galloway breed, Grass Fed, Day aged in our unique Salt Ageing Chamber for a minimum of 35 days

    Starting at: £35.00

  • Galloway Topside Beef Joint

    Topside Joint

    Our dry aged, naturally reared, Galloway beef means the joint has far more flavour and tenderness than the same cut in a supermarket.

    Starting at: £15.85

  • Packer Brisket

    Salt Aged Galloway Packer Brisket

    The point and the flat of the brisket together. Cooked right there is simply nothing that tastes better on a barbecue!!!


    10/15 people

  • Whole Picanha

    Salt Aged Galloway Whole Picanha

    In South America the Picanha is a much sought after cut. Taken from the top of the rump, it is very tender and full of flavour.


    2/3 people

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