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Black Pudding

Black Pudding

Black Pudding it's what Bury is famous for. Few things taste as good as a freshly cooked piece of Bury Black Pudding. We have a great selection of different black puddings available including Chadwicks Bury Black Pudding that famously started selling black puddings on Bury Market in 1929.
  • White Pudding - Real Lancashire

    White Pudding - Real Lancashire

    Similar to black pudding, made without the blood it consists of pork, suet, bread and oatmeal; a cooked Irish breakfast isn't complete without white pudding!


    2/4 servings

  • Black Pudding - Fruity

    Black Pudding - Fruity

    Adding cinnamon and dried fruit give you a delicious contrast between the richness of the black pudding and the tanginess of the dried fruit


    4/6 servings

  • Chilli Black Pudding Stick - Real Lancashire

    Chilli Black Pudding Stick - Real Lancashire

    If you like a bit of kick in your black pudding this is the one for you. Freshly ground chilli powder is added during the mixing process giving the pudding some real heat.


    4/6 servings

  • Black Pudding - Chilli & Chocolate

    Black Pudding - Chilli & Chocolate

    Chilli and chocolate work well together and adding both ingredients into a black pudding although may sound a little strange actually works remarkably well.


    4/6 servings

  • Pork & Bury Black Pudding Sausage

    Pork & Bury Black Pudding Sausage

    It has to be the best to go with our rare breed pork and that can only mean Chadwicks Bury Black pudding; this sausage really is a celebration of Lancashire.


    2/3 Servings

  • Black Pudding - Black and White

    Black Pudding - Black and White

    Award wining black and white pudding combined together for the first time. Delicious Bury black pudding combined with chunks of the finest white pudding.


    4/6 servings

  • Pork Roll With Smoked Paprika and Tomato

    Pork Roll with Smoked Paprika & Tomato

    A step away from black pudding Tony and Mary have put together a delicious pork roll combined with the winning flavour combination of smoked paprika and tomato.


    4/6 servings

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