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Chops, Steaks and Cutlets

Chops, Steaks and Cutlets

  • Lamb Canon

    Heather Fed Lamb Canons


    Cut from our award winning lamb, Canons are a luxury cut and definitely one for special occasions.


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  • Lamb Cutlets

    Heather Fed Lamb Cutlets French Trim

    Cut from the same best ends used for our award winning lamb racks. Incredibly tender with great flavour.


    2/3 people

  • Heather Fed Lamb Henry's

    Heather Fed Lamb Henrys

    A small one person sized joint taken from the lamb shoulder; perfect if you want hearty meal but don't fancy cooking a whole roast.


    3 people

  • Heather Fed Lamb Noisette

    Heather Fed Lamb Noisettes

    A premium cut taken from the loin of the animal which has been rolled, tied and portioned. Perfect for special occasions and dinner parties.


    1/2 people

  • Heather Fed Lamb Rump

    Heather Fed Lamb Rumps

    A tender cut with lots of flavour; seal in a pan and then finish off in the oven until pink.


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  • Heather Fed Lamb Shoulder Chops

    Heather Fed Lamb Shoulder Chops

    Also known as Lamb Casserole chops it's a cut that comes from the shoulder of the animal meaning it has lots of flavour and lends itself well to slow cooking.


    4 people

  • Heather Fed Marinated Lamb Cutlets

    Marinated Heather Fed Lamb Cutlets

    The cutlet comes from the front end of the loin which is one of the most prized parts of the animal; select your favourite marinade to go on them.


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