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Rump steak

Rump steak

  • Salt Aged Galloway Rump Steak Great Taste Award

    Salt Aged Galloway Rump Steak

    Galloway, grass fed, rump steaks, dry aged for 35 days in our special Himalayan salt ageing chamber for incredible tenderness.

    Starting at: £7.99

    2 people

  • Salt-aged-mini-rump-steaks

    Salt Aged Galloway Mini Rump Steaks

    The smaller size of these rumps means they make a great individual portion size for slicing and using in dishes such fajitas and stir-frys.


    2/4 people

  • Pavé Rump Steak - 35 Day Aged, Grass Fed, Galloway

    Salt Aged Pavé Rump Steak

    Aged for a minimum of 35 day in our Himalayan Salt chamber, our rump has lots and lots of flavour......

    Starting at: £11.99

    2 People

  • Whole Picanha

    Salt Aged Galloway Whole Picanha

    In South America the Picanha is a much sought after cut. Taken from the top of the rump, it is very tender and full of flavour.


    2/3 people

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