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Online butchers


Over the past 20 years, there has been a change from specialist butchers or farmers offering a meat-ordering mail order service through magazine or newspaper advertisements to full-scale online butchers offering a wealth of meat and meat products.

The change that the Internet has brought, with the ability to quickly and economically build a website, has begun a revolution in the way people buy groceries and do their shopping. Arguably a vast majority of people with access to a computer have ordered online and ordering meat is no exception.

Online butchers, just like butchers in the high street, vary enormously. A quick check of Google reveals there are butchers and farmers offering every type of meat and meat products. There are wholesale butchers offering meat at amazingly low prices to specialist butchers offering the highest quality meat from organic sources. As with buying any item, consumers should be just as cautious when dealing with online butchers.

Most consumers searching for online butchers or farmers who sell direct to the public are looking for quality meat that they cannot get locally. Here at Albert Matthews we realised that consumers were not only looking for quality meat but information as well. Therefore, when we set up our website, where consumers can browse and buy our superb range of meat and poultry, we added pages to tell the public about our heritage and ethos that we passionately believe in.

We did this because we believe that consumers are not only looking for meat that they cannot get locally but that they are also looking for the history, knowledge and workmanship of the butcher supplying their meat. Knowing where the meat has come from, how and what the animals have been fed and how the animal has been treated, is just as important to them as price.

Another consideration for consumers is packaging and delivery. At Albert Matthews, we use sustainable insulated packaging, made from sheep’s wool, a natural product which is abundantly available worldwide. We also use ice packs to keep the meat chilled, not frozen, so it reaches our customers in optimum condition. This sustainable packaging ensures that for at least 72 hours the internal temperature of our meat remains between a maximum of eight and minimum of two degrees Celsius and has been specifically designed for the fresh-food direct delivery industry. The meat contents of the packaging are also cushioned from damage by the wool insulation used in the packaging, and the other components are recycled, compostable or recyclable.