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Order Meat Online


Typing any variation of “order meat online” into a search engine will produce a considerable number of results and give an insight into the diversity of the products offered by online butchers today.

Ordering meat online is not a new occurrence, though. For many years, farmers and quality butchers have successfully been supplying boxes containing vac-packed meat through the post. Nowadays, it is even possible to order meat using social networking sites as well as auction sites, and most high street supermarkets have an online presence offering their meat products along with groceries.

It is not just the convenience of having an order delivered straight to their door that is driving people to order meat online. The choice available to consumers is huge and includes:

• traditional cuts of meat
• meat from rare-breeds
• organic meat
• exotic meat such as ostrich, buffalo, springbok, wildebeest, zebra, kangaroo, wild boar and camel

Trusting an online butcher

Of course, the matter of trust is paramount. There is no shortage of sites from which to order meat online, but some are only middle men who have bought their meat from a variety of sources. It is better to order meat online directly from farmers or butchers, who are able to prove the provenance and traceability of their meat.

When browsing websites, customers should take time to look at the history and provenance of the farmer or butcher from whom they are thinking of purchasing meat. Here at Albert Matthews, we explain our background and ethos so that shoppers can be completely confident about the source and traceability of our products.

Quality is crucial

Quality is not just defined by the meat offered, but extends to the supply chain. This commences at the farm and finishes when the order is delivered by the courier service. The whole process must be conducted with attention to detail and utmost care.

At Albert Matthews, the quality meat we sell is sourced from local farms in Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire. For over 75 years, our family has been passionate about supplying the best quality meat and we have collected more than 20 local and regional awards for our products. All our meat is correctly matured, which is an art in itself, and our master butchers use their skill and knowledge to expertly prepare the meat to ensure our it gains our customers’ complete satisfaction.

An exciting way to order meat

Online consumers often report that searching out some real bargains and time limited offers adds excitement to the process of doing their shopping from the comfort of their home. As with any products bought online, it is important to be aware of the risks involved.

It is not difficult to order meat online, but those who want to remove any worries about the quality of the meat and service they will receive should choose a supplier with a good reputation and one that is not afraid to give its full contact details. Do not be afraid to call the online supplier and speak to them about their products, how their meat is packed, and the delivery service they use to get their meat from farm to front door in tip-top condition.