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Organic grass fed meat online


Organic grass fed meat is quickly becoming established as a desirable and healthy alternative to mass-produced meat. Many established butchery businesses and new online butchers are offering organic grass fed meat online through their website’s ordering services.

Today, at Albert Matthews butchers, we have produced an attractive and informative website where you can find a range of organic grass fed meat online. As we only sell organic grass fed meat in our shops, we decided to set up our own website where we could make this delicious meat available to the whole of the UK. We have made the process of ordering organic grass fed meat online easy and the packaging we use ensures that the meat is delivered in tiptop condition, chilled but not frozen.

Organic farmers do not use any synthetic fertilisers and take a principled, holistic approach to both the soil and animals on their farm. In organic farming a fertile, healthy soil is developed by growing a mixture of different crops and rotating them, including periods when the field is left fallow, adding organic material like manure or compost, and exploiting clover to correct nitrogen levels from the atmosphere. There are strict controls on the use of pesticides and farmers encourage wildlife to assist in the control of disease and pests. GM (genetically modified) crops and ingredients are prohibited. The welfare of the animals is the overriding consideration.

The animals on organic farms are allowed to graze on pastures lush with clover and organic grass. This organic varied diet gives the meat a thoroughly delicious flavour and the meat is processed locally so that the animals do not become stressed by travelling long distances.

Recent research has revealed that it is better for your health if you eat meat, dairy products, and eggs from animals nurtured on pastures. Organic grass fed meat offers more of the good fats your body needs together with being high in antioxidants and they do not contain any traces of antibiotics, growth hormones or other drugs.

Our range of high quality organic grass fed meat is available through our website. At Albert Matthews, we continue the philosophy of our founder who opened his first shop in 1935, and source our meat from organic traditional farmers who rear superb tasting animals that have been grass fed. We dry age our range of meat for at least 28 days and our master butchers then carefully prepare it for our customers. Ordering organic grass fed meat online through our website will ensure you receive high-quality and superb tasting meat.