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Organic grass fed meat


Organic grass fed meat comes from various animals reared to the highest organic meat rearing standards. As always, organic farmers put the animals’ welfare first during their lifespan.

Organic pigs – most organic pigs are kept outdoors throughout the year and have continual access to grassland, weather permitting. If they are brought indoors in severe weather conditions then they must have adequate straw bedding and access to the outdoors. They must be allowed to follow their natural instincts, which include rooting and exploring, and be kept in family clusters. Pigs are social animals and are very inquisitive, communicating with a vocabulary consisting of around 40 terms. Pigs add fertility to grassland but need a four-year rotation before they can return to grassland they previously used

Organic poultry – chickens and turkeys must be able to dust bath, scratch, peck the ground, graze naturally and, weather permitting, have easy and continuous access during the day to either grassland or a range, with appropriate foliage. Organic poultry must not be kept permanently indoors, but they must be provided with protection and shelter from predators. Poultry must be moved from areas of grassland regularly to prevent parasites. A flock of organic grass fed poultry must contain less than 1,000 birds, and the maximum number of birds allowed in a square metre is 10. Organic chickens are only slaughtered after they reach a minimum of 81 days in age. Traditional strains or slow-growing chickens can be slaughtered earlier, if required

Organic sheep – weather permitting, organic sheep are kept on grassland all year but are allowed indoors for shelter in bad weather or during lambing so that lambs and their mothers can bond. Sheep are allowed to munch on traditional native grasslands. Sheep are vital in order to manage upland and hill areas, most of which is unsuitable for traditional edible crops, which would return to forest or scrub land. Sometimes organic cereal is given to assist lambs during lambing when extra energy is necessary. Only minimum medical intervention is allowed when lambing. If organic sheep are ever given medication, the withdrawal period before slaughter is doubled to ensure none passes into the food chain

Selecting only the finest organic grass fed meat has been a tradition here at Albert Matthews butchers since the business was started over seventy-five years ago. This tradition is still continuing three generation of butchers later. Just like our founder, Albert Matthews, we are proud to sell organic grass fed meat bought from traditional organic farms.