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Poultry & Game

Poultry & Game

  • Reg-Johnson-Goosnargh-Corn-Fed-Chicken

    Reg Johnson's Corn Fed Chicken

    Famous across the country, Reg's corn fed chickens are slow reared over 8 to 10 weeks to give the best flavour.

    Starting at: £9.75

  • Reg Johnson's Whole Goosnargh Duck

    Reg Johnson's Whole Goosnargh Duck

    Reg's slow rearing and special hanging process creates ducks with great flavour, sought after by top chefs across the UK.


    4/5 people

  • Reg Johnson Goosnargh Corn Fed Chicken Supreme

    Goosnargh Corn Fed Chicken Supremes

    Reg's famous Goosnargh corn fed chicken is developed slowly with no aid from growth promoters.


    4 people

  • Goosnargh Corn Fed Chicken Legs

    Goosnargh Corn Fed Chicken Legs

    A combination of the thigh and the drumstick. A great option for mid week chicken recipes and are great on the BBQ.


    4 People

  • Grouse


    Beautifully tender, rich and scented with the most delicate of gamey tangs.


    2 people

    Out of stock

  • Wild Rabbit

    Wild Rabbit

    Wild rabbits have firm, meaty flesh and a subtle, gamey flavour.


    2/4 people

  • Partridge


    Partridge packs plenty of game flavour for its size and is perfect matched with robust flavours.


    2 people

  • Pheasant


    Pheasant the classic game bird. Delicious cooked with bacon and buttered root vegetable mash.


    2/4 people

  • Mallard


    Mallard is the largest and most common of the wild ducks. Cook carefully and you'll be rewarded with an intense flavour.


    4 people

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