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Chicken & Duck

Chicken & Duck

We source our poultry from Reg Johnson and Bud Swarbrick who have been based at Swainson House Farm in Goosnargh, Lancashire since the mid 1960s. The poultry is slow-grown on a totally natural diet without additives, growth promoters or antibiotics.
 The duckling and chicks run around freely in large and airy barns; they have the luxury of around 50 per cent more space than Government regulations.
Being slow-grown, they are slaughtered from eight to 10 weeks rather than the usual six, which makes a huge difference to texture and flavour.
 The Goosnargh ducks are dry plucked after slaughter with their insides intact and hanging intensifies the flavour; and the result is amazing. When cooked, the breasts are moist, flavoursome and the skin is delightfully crispy.

  • Reg-Johnson-Goosnargh-Corn-Fed-Chicken

    Reg Johnson's Corn Fed Chicken

    Famous across the country, Reg's corn fed chickens are slow reared over 8 to 10 weeks to give the best flavour.

    Starting at: £8.78

  • Reg Johnson Corn Fed Chicken Breast

    Goosnargh Corn Fed Chicken Breast

    Reared at Swainson house farm in the village of Goosnargh, Reg's poultry is famous with top chefs throughout the UK.

    • £14.00
    • £12.60

    4 people

  • Reg Johnson Goosnargh Corn Fed Chicken Supreme

    Goosnargh Corn Fed Chicken Supremes

    Reg's famous Goosnargh corn fed chicken is developed slowly with no aid from growth promoters.

    • £14.00
    • £12.60

    4 people

  • Reg Johnson's Whole Goosnargh Duck

    Reg Johnson's Whole Goosnargh Duck

    Reg's slow rearing and special hanging process creates ducks with great flavour, sought after by top chefs across the UK.

    • £13.00
    • £11.70

    4/5 people

  • Reg Johnson Goosnargh Duck Breasts

    Reg's Goosnargh Duck Breasts

    Reg's ducks are slow reared on a natural diet and then hung to help intensify the flavour

    • £9.50
    • £8.55

    2 people

  • Reg Johnson's Goosnargh Duck Legs

    Reg Johnson's Goosnargh Duck Legs

    Taken from Reg's famous Goosnargh ducks these legs are perfect if you are into making cassoulets or confitting.


    2 people

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