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Chicken & Duck

Chicken & Duck

We source our poultry from Reg Johnson and Bud Swarbrick who have been based at Swainson House Farm in Goosnargh, Lancashire since the mid 1960s. The poultry is slow-grown on a totally natural diet without additives, growth promoters or antibiotics.
 The duckling and chicks run around freely in large and airy barns; they have the luxury of around 50 per cent more space than Government regulations.
Being slow-grown, they are slaughtered from eight to 10 weeks rather than the usual six, which makes a huge difference to texture and flavour.
 The Goosnargh ducks are dry plucked after slaughter with their insides intact and hanging intensifies the flavour; and the result is amazing. When cooked, the breasts are moist, flavoursome and the skin is delightfully crispy.

  • Reg Johnson's Whole Goosnargh Duck

    Reg Johnson's Whole Goosnargh Duck

    Reg's slow rearing and special hanging process creates ducks with great flavour, sought after by top chefs across the UK.


    4/5 people

  • Reg Johnson Goosnargh Duck Breasts

    Reg's Goosnargh Duck Breasts

    Reg's ducks are slow reared on a natural diet and then hung to help intensify the flavour


    2 people

  • Reg Johnson's Goosnargh Duck Legs

    Reg Johnson's Goosnargh Duck Legs

    Taken from Reg's famous Goosnargh ducks these legs are perfect if you are into making cassoulets or confitting.


    2 people

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