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Albert's Quarter Pounder Burger

What we have here is a seriously good burger made using only premium quality ground, rare breed, grass fed beef.

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There's not many people who don't love a good burger!! What we have here is a seriously good burger made using only premium quality ground, rare breed, grass fed beef. We add a little of our special seasoning and rusk to help bind it all together. The result is a quarter pounder that is juicy, flavoursome and with no nasties. Ideal for cooking on the barbecue or grilling. Our recommendation is add a slice of Gruyere cheese when cooking and possibly a rasher of our dry cured smoked back bacon for a real gourmet experience.

Tip - Don't go cheap on the bun. A good burger demands a good bun, fortunately the supermarkets have woken up to this and you can now buy some pretty good ones. Making your own is still the best option but if you haven't got time Aldi do a very good brioch burger bun which is worth trying.

Farm: Deep Clough Farm

Farmer: Nathan and Carole Brown

Breed: Galloway

Maturation: Grass Fed & 35 Day Dry Aged

Albert's Quarter Pounder Burger

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Albert's Quarter Pounders 4 x 114g (4oz)

Serves: 4 People

Albert's Quarter Pounders 8 x 114g (4oz)

Serves: 8 People

Albert's Quarter Pounders 16 x 114g (4oz)

Serves: 16 People

Customer Reviews

Burgers like these: Forget the ketchup!

When you buy good quality meat the last thing you want to do is mask the delicate flavour with sauce and it's usually a right of passage for the every day burger to be treated this way but hang on, We've found a really good burger here at Albert Matthews and one I'll be having more of in the near future.
Top marks from me fellas!
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Well flavoured burger

The burgers were well flavoured and shrank very little on cooking. Quite a significant amount of fat came out but this was not a problem as it simply drained into the grill pan. Will definately be buying again.
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Excellent for the BBQ

We have just spent the weekend cooking and eating bbq sausages and burgers from Albert Matthews - the burgers were not only really tasty but didnt disintegrate on the bbq like other burgers we have had. Excellent and would highly recommend them.
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I purchased the burgers for a BBQ we were having. The response from my guests was fantastic, all saying how delicious they were. Thank you - we'll be ordering more soon
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Peter Williams

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