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Salt Aged Galloway Rib Eye Steak

Aged for a minimum of 35 days in our Himalayan Salt Ageing Chamber this steak cut is naturally tender and full of flavour.

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Serves: 2 People

Our rib eye steaks are cut from rare breed, grass fed, naturally reared, Galloway Beef. This cut has really grown in popularity over the last decade the cut comes from the rib end of the sirloin and has good natural tenderness and high level of marbling which creates great flavour.

All our rib eye steaks are aged in our specially designed Himalayan Salt ageing chamber (click here for more info) for a minimum of 35 days to further improve tenderness and flavour. This cut has really grown in popularity in the UK over the last decade.

Farm: Deep Clough Farm

Farmer: Nathan and Carole Brown

Breed: Galloway

Maturation: Grass Fed & 35 Day Dry Aged

Rib eye steak - 35 Day Dry Aged, Galloway, Grass Fed

  • Himalayan Salt Ageing Chamber

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Salt Aged Rib Eye Steak 2 x 170g (6oz)

Serves: 2 People

Salt Aged Rib Eye Steak 2 x 198g (7oz)

Serves: 2 People

Salt Aged Rib Eye Steak 2 x 227g (8oz)

Serves: 2 People

Salt Age Rib Eye Steak 2 x 280g (10oz)

Serves: 2 People

Salt Aged Rib Eye Steak 2 x 396g (14oz)

Serves: 2 People

Customer Reviews


just. ordered a few things and can honestly say everthing is first class
try this steak its tender and flavoursome !
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This is a great steak like all of Alderts meats
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Totally amazing

I'm not too keen on paying silly money for steak if I don't know how good it's going to be. This one is beyond good. It's worth every penny! My 6 year old and 10year old tried to rob me off mine as they finished theirs, I didn't give in! They are not normally too keen on red meat. It must have been because of how tender and succulent it was and the flavour was just lovely. I'm ordering some more now!
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Health food lover


I never finish a whole steak.... Until now.... Beautifully tender and exquisite flavour. So good to know its easy to buy meat this good. The only disapppointment is for my other half who looks at my empty plate and wonders what happened to the leftovers!!!!
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These steaks appear expensive but were definately worth it. I prefer my steak very rare and this can sometimes make it tough but not in this case. Superb flavour, no gristle and just the right amout of marbelling gave a succulent and very enjoyable steak. Would definately recommend this to anybody who appreciates really good steak. Do not be put off if you think it looks dark. This is the difference between 28 day aged steak and what you buy in the supermarket which was probably still running around the day before you buy it!!
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