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We aim to source our meat from livestock that is located within 100 miles of our shop in Bury, Lancashire,  within this range is some of the best and most beautiful agricultural land in country including the Forest of Bowland an area of natural outstanding beauty with dramatic sweeping open moorland, gentle tidy lowlands, criss crossed with dry stoned walls and picturesque farms and villages and the Lake District another designated area of outstanding natural beauty, famous throught the world for its high peaks, lakes and all round beautiful scenery. 

Supporting British farmers and the best of British produce is very important to us. In order for us to produce and maintain the quality of meat we sell we have developed long standing relationships with the farms and farmers we use not only ensuring we get the best quality livestock for but also to make sure we support their businesses and create a sustainable source going forward.


Beef, Lamb and Pork - Deep Clough Farm

picture of deep clough farm

For our Beef, pork and lamb we currently source from Deep Clough farm situated in the valley of Littledale in the Forest of Bowland. Nathan and Carole Brown moved with their family to Deep Clough in 2004 and are committed to farming using traditional methods and using British livestock breeds, which are produced in an environmentally friendly way using the highest welfare standards.

When it comes to cattle they currently run Blue greys, Galloway, British Blues, Cross Highland and pure highland. They find the traditional breeds hold up better to the elements when wintered out. The cattle are born and bred on the farm and stay there through to slaughter at around 30 months; local slaughtering facilities are used to ensure transportation is kept to minimum, reducing stress.

Lambs in winter at deep clough farmThe sheep breeds farmed consist of Dalesbred and Swaledale. The Dalesbred is very specific to the area. They are hefted (graze in areas without fencing) on the local fells right up to Ward stone the highest point in Lancashire.

The Swaledales are located on different fells to the Dalesbred where they spend they spend most of their lives grazing on heather and Moorland. Again this breed is famous for being able to withstand the elements on the highest fell farms.

The Pigs farmed are a mix of saddleback and Gloucester Old spot breeds. These are housed in the winter then let out in the summer.


Poultry – Swainson House Farm

We source our poultry from Reg Johnson and Bud Swarbrick who have been based at Swainson House Farm in Goosnargh, Lancashire since the mid 1960s.

By originally working with some of the best Chef’s in the North West (Paul Heathcote, Nigel Haworth) Johnson and Swarbrick have built up a reputation for supplying some of the best quality poultry in the UK.

The poultry is slow-grown on a totally natural diet without additives, growth promoters or antibiotics.The duckling and chicks run around freely in large and airy barns – they have the luxury of around 50 per cent more space than Government regulations.Being slow-grown, they are slaughtered from eight to 10 weeks rather than the usual six, which makes a huge difference to texture and flavour.

The Goosnargh ducks are dry plucked after slaughter with their insides intact and hanging intensifies the flavour – and the result is amazing.?When cooked, the breasts are moist, flavoursome and the skin is delightfully crispy